Turkey and Syria Earthquake Appeal

February 21, 2023

Donation options

  • To make a donation, you can use this link.
  • Also, METU students created an information portal to centralize useful links on a website. Please visit the portal to see other venues for donations. 
  • If you would like to buy a sleeping bag rather than donating money, you can use this website. It is in collaboration with the METU Alumni Association.
  • To make a donation for the earthquake survivors in Syria, you might visit the webpage of Canadian Red Cross or UNHCR.

Comment from Kingston & District Labour Council delegate, Canan Sahin (PSAC 901):

“The two massive consecutive earthquakes in Turkey on Feb 6th, whose destructive impact in ten major cities was compounded by the appallingly insufficient state and government intervention for rescue, relief or recovery of the survivors, caused thousands to have been killed, tens of thousands to have been injured and millions of people to have been left homeless. In absence of professional and well-equipped rescue teams and other state resources, survivors and volunteers are doing everything in their limited capacity to save the lives of their loved ones and keep their families alive. We are witnessing an incredible grassroots solidarity within and from outside Turkey, from the labour unions to the doctors’ associations. Those who volunteer in different capacities in the region report that people are in need of shelter, medicine, food, water, diapers, blankets and many more items of basic needs.”